Advanced College of Cosmetology is dedicated to student success by enriching lives and cultivating professionals through innovative, personalized education in a creative and inspiring environment that prepares graduates for success in the image industry.

New York City Experience

New York City Experience

At Advanced College of Cosmetology our vision is to give you the most relevant and productive training available. Eligible students are escorted to New York City for training in the latest trends and techniques at the Toni & Guy (Tigi) Academy. This training benefits you in many ways. First, you will be among the graduating cosmetologists to have received this prestigious training. In addition, you can position this exciting learning opportunity on your resume to give yourself a competitive edge for the start of your career. At Advanced College of Cosmetology your success is our passion.

21st Century Education

Advanced College of Cosmetology has implemented what we like to refer to as a 21st century curriculum. Our small and exclusive enrollment gives you a personalized education to facilitate the opportunity for greater success. This approach helps you to better comprehend the information that is being taught, while maintaining a high level of interest and motivation. Our training is as unique as the industry.

Our curriculum reflects that latest trends, techniques and technologies to better prepare you for a successful career.

21 Century Education Room

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professional tech

Professional Techniques

Professional Techniques You will acquire at The Advanced College of Cosmetology

  • Haircutting
  • Texturizing Techniques
  • Hair Coloring
  • Skin Care (Make-Up and Facials)
  • Manicuring & Artificial Nails
  • Pedicures
  • Scalp Treatments
  • Barbering Techniques
  • New Trends
  • Eye Brow Shaping
  • Product Knowledge & Retailing
  • Reception Skills
  • Personal Development
  • Job Interviews & Resume Writing
  • Portfolio Development
  • Communications
  • Trend Releases
  • Salon Management

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One Hygiene, grooming, and personal development. 10 0
Two Bacteriology, sterilization and sanitation. 20 20
Three Haircutting, hair tapering (clipper cuts), razor cutting, hairstyling, curling, thermal waving, finger waving, roller setting, pincurl placement, blow drying, shampoos, scalp and hair treatments, conditioning, reconditioning, hair analysis, and care of hairpieces, wigs and wefts.  Tools, equipment and implements (identification and usage). 140 440
Four Hair Straightening, hair relaxing, thermal hair straightening, blow outs, permanents, hair coloring, tinting, bleaching and chemistry. Tools, equipment and implements (identification and usage). 185 392
Five Shaving, beard and mustache shaping, trimming, superfluous hair removal, waxing, facials, facial massages, facial makeup, eyelashes, light therapy, basic principles of electricity, and introduction to electrology.  Tools, equipment and implements (identification and usage). 35 60
Six Manicuring, including nail enhancement.  Tools, equipment and implements (identification and usage). 10 25
Seven Anatomy and Physiology of the hair, skin, and nails and disorders of the hair, skin, scalp and nails 50 0
Eight Product knowledge, product use and sales, preparing and consulting with customer
for services.
30 0
Nine Laws, rules, professional ethics and history of cosmetology. 18 0
Ten Individual student needs, industry trends and electives, (e.g. recordkeeping, mathematics, communications, human relations, public relations, first aid, etc.) (Hours may include structured visits conducted by the school outside of the classroom at one or more cosmetology establishments). 40 75
Subtotal 538 1012
Course Total 1550