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Career Opportunities

Hair Specialty:

  • Hair Designer
  • Haircolor Specialists
  • Platform Artist
  • Manufacturer Educator
  • Chain Salon Trainer
  • Theatrical Stylist
  • Retail Specialist
  • State Board Member
  • State Board Examiner
  • Salon Manager
  • Salon Owner
  • Artistic Director
  • Authoring Project

Skin Specialty:

  • Skin Care Specialist
  • Day Spa Practitioner
  • Dermatologist Clinic
  • Advisor
  • Makeup Artist
  • Theatrical Makeup
  • Retail Specialist
  • Makeup Artist for Department Stores
  • Cosmetic Chemist
  • Authoring Projects

Nail Care Specialty:

  • Manicurist
  • Pedicurist
  • Podiatrist Advisory
  • Nail Enhancement
  • Specialist
  • Authoring Projects

Education Specialty:

  • Cosmetology School
  • Instructor
  • Specialty School
  • Instructor
  • School Director
  • School Owner
  • Authoring Projects

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Employment Statistics

While job opportunities in the Cosmetology industry remain steady, competition for placement in high-end salons will increase. Opportunities will be best for cosmetologists who have a quality education and are able to provide a broad range of services.

Source: Department of Labor Bureau of Labor and Statistics

The cosmetology industry takes in about $60 billion dollars each year, while the nail and spa industries each take in about $10 billion dollars in revenue each year.

Source: Salon Green Book

Medical Spas and doctor's offices offer estheticians room for continued growth in their career. With a growth rate of 133% in 2006, it is the fastest growing area in the cosmetology field.

Source: International Spa Association

Spa staffing is down by 27%, largely due to the lack of unqualified or inexperienced workforce available. Spas continue to struggle with filling their employment needs.

Source: International Spa Association

Male beauty trends have increased in acceptance ij the United States, which means a higher demand for Industry Professionals with knowledge of men's health and beauty care needs.

Source: A.C. Nielsen Research

About 48% of employed Barber/Cosmetologists are self-employed.

Source: U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor and Statistics

While most industries anticipate conservative hiring trends for the end of 2007 through 2008, the Beauty Industry is included among the strongest and steadiest of industries, and can anticipate stability and even growth in some areas.

Source:Manpower (2007) Fourth Quarter Employment Outlook Survey